15. If you do not pledge allegiance to the flag, can you take the oath of office that all candidates and office holders are required to take?


Greg Ayers:

I do pledge allegiance to the flag and will take and honor the oath of office if you give me your vote and the opportunity to serve the people of San Juan County.

Rick Hughes:

I did pledge, I do pledge and I will pledge. The pledge and oath are important to me, personally. However, I recognize that reciting the pledge of allegiance is not required of any citizen, nor is it indicative of anyone’s patriotism or qualification to hold office. Nor is singing the National Anthem or wearing a flag lapel pin. There is but one oath we must swear to, and upholding that oath includes defending someone’s right not to recite the pledge of allegiance.

Lisa Byers:

I pledge allegiance to the flag. I believe it is possible to take the oath of office without making that pledge.


Lovel Pratt:

All elected officials have the option of swearing or affirming their oath of office. I affirm my oath of office.

Bob Jarman:

I believe in our Constitutional rights, which includes freedom of religion. Our Founding Fathers fought for these rights. This is what makes America great. I believe anyone who takes an oath of office should pledge allegiance to the flag, as it represents America…the country that is affording that person his or her rights and freedoms.

Mark Forleza:

No response

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