Taken from the By-Laws – Article 2

The purposes of Eagle Forum of San Juan County, Washington, are as follows:

Section 1. To educate, inform, instruct, and train its members and the public on current national, state, and local issues important to the community consistent with the principles outlined immediately below. In so doing, through public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, study groups, videos, the internet, and other programs through the mail or media, an effort will be made to present a sufficiently full and fair exposition of pertinent facts to permit individuals and the public to form independent opinions or conclusions.

Section 2. To promote social welfare and individual freedom; to study on a nonpartisan basis legislation proposed by the Congress of the United States, the state legislature of Washington, San Juan County Council, other local governing bodies, school boards, and the like, agencies, and officers affecting social and economic problems facing individuals; to support an alliance of citizens interested in preserving and enhancing individual freedom for all Americans.

Section 3. To build a network of citizen volunteers who actively participate in the process of self government through public meetings, mail, telephone, and internet services. To sponsor local and regional meetings for the presentation of discussions, lectures, videos, or other educational information. To distribute educational literature (books, articles, pamphlets, issue papers, etc.), videos, tapes, television and radio programs, email, and other research materials. To raise funds to finance these activities, educational programs, and projects. To provide aid and information to students and young people to assist them in achieving full citizenship participation in our nation.

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