3. Do you think all shorelines in SJC are critical requiring large buffers?


Greg Ayers:

It remains unclear whether any buffers, beyond the setbacks we had under the prior code provisions, are necessary for the protection of the functions and values of such areas. I do not believe that the County has done all the work or made the findings required by all of the applicable provisions of the Growth Management Act and I anticipate that challenges from the Growth Management Board are forthcoming. Such findings may indicate the County failed to secure the information necessary to support such conclusions and will likely require re-review of buffer size and location, as well as revisions to larger sections of the Critical Areas Ordinance or Shoreline Master Plan.

Rick Hughes:


Lisa Byers:

I do not believe that all shoreline in San Juan County has the same level of sensitivity or needs the same level of protection.


Lovel Pratt:

I supported the inclusion of all marine shorelines as critical areas in the Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO); however the CAO as adopted does not include all marine shorelines as critical areas.

I also voted for the site specific regulations of the CAO which provides for water quality and habitat buffers of varying sizes depending upon a number of site specific factors. Please also see answer to question #2 above

Bob Jarman:

No. We have maintained our shore line better than any other county in the State of WA. Our present buffers/ordinances/codes are adequate.

Mark Forleza:

No response

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