5. TO LISA BYERS and LOVEL PRATT: How do you respond to being backed financially by the Friends (of the San Juans)?


Lisa Byers:

I have received no financial contributions from the Friends of the San Juans. As a nonprofit organization, the Friends of the San Juans is prohibited from donating or endorsing candidates.

Greg Ayers:

No response

Rick Hughes:

No response


Lovel Pratt:

To date my campaign has received $18,329 from 153 supporters. Of those 153 supporters, 2 are board members of the Friends of the San Juan Islands. Among the 153 supporters who have made financial contribution there are likely at least 153 different ideas about what I should do if elected to the new County Council. I will uphold my oath of office and I will make decisions based on my research and understanding; the advice of other electeds, department heads and staff; and all the in-put I receive from community members.

I am grateful to all 153 contributors to my campaign regardless of their other affiliations, and I owe nothing for those contributions. I know that the $25 contribution from one supporter in fact represents a far greater percentage of their income than the $500 contribution from another supporter. I value each one of my supporters whether they can make a financial contribution in any amount or if they can only provide words of encouragement. I believe these contributions are made because they believe in me, and I don’t believe anyone thinks they are buying my vote on any issue.

I would respectfully like to ask if this question was asked of all candidates as to how they respond to being backed financially by organizations and groups in our community? For example, one of my opponents has reported $3,050 in total contributions to date, with $1,000 or 33% from the Vice President of the Common Sense Alliance.

Mark Forleza:

No response

Bob Jarman:

:No response

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