6. What will you do about CDPD and when?


Greg Ayers:

Improving the customer service orientation of Community Development & Planning Department is a top priority because so much of what County government does is affected by Community Development & Planning Department activities. I feel that this customer service orientation will need to be used to define goals and objectives for the department with clear metrics to determine performance to these goals within pre-established timelines. I also plan to put in place clear requirements and documented processes that will be used by this department for consistent and timely decision-making. I strongly believe that combining these two concepts will result in a more collaborative relationship and predictable outcomes for users of Community Development & Planning Department. I also believe that such alignment of public expectations and department/employee goals will allow for celebrations of successes, rather than the de-motivating personnel situation that exists today.

Rick Hughes:

It’s important to make the code simpler and easier to understand to lessen the chance of unfair rulings. I think that for the CDPD, and really for every department of county government, I am working to make customer service our number 1 priority. In addition, for the CDPD specifically I am looking to set up an appeal board.

Lisa Byers:

The Community Development and Planning Department (CD&PD) is on the path to providing better customer service and increasing efficiency, and I will do what I can to continue that process. I support the department’s work to digitize its records and make them accessible online. I support the department’s efforts and will strive to accelerate its work to create simpler permits for simpler requests (such as a building permit for a shed or small building), and to make it possible to submit permit applications online. I will support efforts to improve customer service through training, professional development, and employee accountability. CD&PD deals with many of the contentious issues in our county. The staff members deserve leadership from the Council to give them the tools they need to do a good job, and the citizens deserve efficient, consistent and predictable service.


Lovel Pratt:

This question is too vague to answer. Please be more specific.

Bob Jarman:

This has been an issue for years. Our ordinances need to be simplified. The process needs to be streamlined. We have a problem when a Planner says, “Maybe we need a manual to understand the ordinances.” We need to make it “user friendly”. As a member of the Council, I am on the Builders Advisory Committee, and we have started simplifying and cleaning up the building codes. Next will be land use. This will take some time. In the mean time, we will expect cooperation and relations between the Council and Planning Dept. to improve, thus improving “customer service and user friendly attitudes” throughout the department.

Mark Forleza:

No response

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